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tv   CNN Saturday Morning  CNN  July 23, 2011 8:00am-9:30am EDT

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feeling. >> i can't wait to see you in new york. start that race together and give you a big hug at the finish line. >> sounds good. can't wait to see you. >> if you want to follow along with me or any members of the six-pack, logon to thanks for being with us this morning. time now to get you back into the cnn newsroom for a check of our big stories. this from the cnn center in atlanta, georgia, this is your saturday morning, k a.m. eastern time and i'm t.j. holmes. two developing stories. first the president summoning congressional leaders back to the white house for a saturday morning conference. this comes the day after the house speaker, john boehner walked out on debt talks. the president calling them right back. also the developing story out of norway where at least 91
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people have been killed in two separate attacks in norway. police there say these two attacks are, in fact, linked. still a developing story. we'll have the very latest for you live in just a moment. we need to begin in washington, d.c. with that looming deadline on the nation's debt. you may have missed this last night but it was an extraordinary night in washington, d.c. the president and house speaker john boehner each holding news conferences, calling each other out for the break down in the debt ceiling talks. where are we right now? we talk about the debt ceiling needs to be raised but we actually hit the debt ceiling back in may. we hit the limit. the treasury secretary has been doing interesting math. his ability to move that money around runs out on august 2nd. what demonstrate want to do in order to get a deal on the debt ceiling they want to do away with some tax cuts and loopholes
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as larger control of this deficit. republicans say that's raising taxes. they say spending cuts are the way to go. they seemed to be close to a deal this week. but then yesterday happened. >> essentially what we had offered speaker boehner was over a trillion dollars in cuts to discretionary spending, both domestic and defense. we then offered additional $650 billion in cuts to entitlement programs. medicare, medicaid, social security. >> it's not in the best interest of our country to raise taxes during this difficult economy and it's not in the best interest of our country to ignore the serious spending challenges that we face. >> even though speaker boehner
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is the one whoing walked away from the talks he says he will show up to the white house here in just a few hours where the president summoned congressional leaders. we're not talking about negotiations, necessarily, taking place today. it's more so of a bit of a homework assignment that the president gave congressional leaders. >> reporter: this is sort of being called into, t.j., the principal's office and having to explain yourself. we heard president obama say that he wants these congressional leaders, the top democrat and top republican each from the senate and house to come in and explain to him how they are going to increase the debt ceiling. this after these talks collapsed yesterday and to listen to both sides yes it was over tax increases which was a sticking point for so long as many house republicans don't want to accept tax increase. the president moved the goal post that he agreed to $800
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billion essentially in revenue and then the white house came back and said, you know what? we want 400 billion more and that boehner said yesterday was tantamount to a poison pill. other you heard him saying for entitlement cuts that he wanted that he wanted the white house, obviously, to back off on those tax increases and the white house wasn't going to give as much as he wanted. these are two major issues for the democratic and the republican base, and in the end this is what contributed to this collapse yesterday. >> okay. before i let you go, to be clear to our viewers, we're not necessarily talking about just a matter of money, it's a matter of principle because relatively speaking $400 billion often years is not that much. but republicans can't go along with anything that could be deemed a tax increase. >> reporter: a lot of this is principle and a lot of this is politics. you had house republicans say
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they weren't going to agree to tax increases. you have senate republicans many of whom signed a pledge as well. then you have democrats who are trying to defend entitlement programs like medicare. when the house republicans, t.j., had voted for a budget that include ad reform of medicare, they slammed republicans for doing that. then to turn around and give on medicare reform, medicare cuts really sort of undercut what they were arguing before that these programs shouldn't be touched. so the word sacred cow has been thrown around. >> we'll talk to you policemen throughout the morning. we're under three hours from that meeting taking place at the white house. a lot more on this debate throughout the next several hours. hard feelings on both sides and in ten minutes we'll talk about the politics of the deal or no deal.
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then at 10:00, in case you missed it last night we're going to play for you both of those news conferences. again, this happen later in the evening, 6:00 or 7:00 where a lot of people were out enjoying their friday night. strong words. visibly upset men at the microphones last night. you'll hear from them in their own words. that's later. moving to now what is a horrible story and still a breaking story out of norway. many people are still in shock after the horrible attacks yesterday. two of them. the first one you're seeing the aftermath here. it was in the capital of oslo. a bomb was there. several people killed 90 more injured. that's just the beginning. police now have this man you're seeing on your tv screen in custody. his name is anders brevic.
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he went to an island 20 miles away dressed as a police officer and opened fire on a youth camp. some of the kids there as young as 13 years old. >> translator: i was out when the assassin came. when we came back they told us to wait because a heavily armed policeman took the last boat. the policeman and two other members crossed over so we were forced to wait. then we heard shots then we ran back up the hill towards the main road and hid among the stones and trees. >> at least 84 people were killed on that island. again this is a youth camp that had to do with the governing party there, the labor party. they had this camp, had it for several decades. kids as young as 13, some of them after the gunmen started to shoot tried to swim away. the gunmen were shooting at them
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in the water. there were no police officers. anyone who could get there. this went on for quite sometime. you can imagine the horror. we'll check in with our correspondent later. the president was quick to give his reaction also and give his condolences to the people of moreway. take a listen. >> a reminder that the entire international community has a stake in preventing this kind of terror from occurring, and that we have to work cooperatively together both on intelligence and in terms of prevention of these kinds of horrible attacks. i remember fondly my visit to oslo and how warmly the people of norway treated me. our hearts go out the them and we'll provide any support we can to them. >> one person in custody now. authorities have not ruled out the possibility that more people could be involved. they believe this one suspect did carry out these attacks.
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eight minutes the hour. let's say good morning to reynolds wolf. it's all about heat, heat that won't go away. a lingering heat wave. >> a prolonged issue for millions of americans. that's our big story. short term we got a type of weather story that's a whole different flavor. for this moment we have some strong thunderstorms that are popping up across the western part of great lakes. some ground stoppages in chicago. we do check as these storms pass over lake michigan flights will resume out of that area. more issues perhaps the twin cities where we have intense thunderstorms forming just to the north of the twin cities at this point within the next 20 or 30 minutes as they move through that region. t.j. mentioned the heat, plenty of that. we can expect a great deal of heat hot weather from parts of the central plains to southeast and into parts of the north and northeast. with that we got watches this
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morning that popped up all over the landscape in term of your extreme heat. already feels like temperature in kansas city, 83 trees. as soon as the sun gets higher temperatures will soar. 85 in washington, d.c., feels like 91 in washington, d.c. 85 in new york. 81 in boston and 93 in charleston. combination of heat and humidity will be brutal for people. we can expect some changes, some much better improvements in your forecast in the next couple of days. >> see you plenty throughout the morning. we've been telling you these debt talks breaking down. they broke down yesterday, but there's another meeting coming up at the white house in less than three hours. we got a lot going on. also a little later the nfl owners have a proposal on the table that could end the football lockout. so what's the holdup with the
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minutes the hour. police have a man in custody in norway responsible for two attacks in norway that left 91 people dead. death toll could go up. one of those attacks was on a
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youth. camp where at least 80 people were killed. diana, this is still a fast-moving story. update us with the latest. >> reporter: yes. the prime minister visited the youth camp a short time ago and he's at a hotel up the road from me about to give a press conference. he's met with families of some of the victims and some whom have survived. as you can imagine there's a lot of media waiting to talk to some of those who survived, but at the moment they are meeting the prime minister, the king and queen of norway, also there to talk to them. we know that police are still continuing to search for bodies around the waters off the island because, of course, some of
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these children, young people who were attending this youth camp had to swim for their lives and this man, this suspect in custody who we know to be a 32-year-old ethnic norwegian, member of a rifle club was able to pick them off as they swam away. horrific scenes that took place on the island yesterday. >> they keep saying they had this one suspect in custody, they believe he's the one that carried it out. are they still looking into the possibility that maybe he had some help or likely he had to have some help in planning it? >> reporter: well, it does seem to have caused that, that scale of death is, you would have thought someone would need an accomplice. the police, of course, are not ruling anything out in this investigation. there have been reports in local media that there was an october
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co -- an accomplice. police say they can't confirm or deny this. they are looking as to whether this is true. this is the early stages of the investigation. the man in custody they are searching his farm. he had a farm which, of course, would have given him ample leeway to accumulate fertilizers. this youth camp is held every year on that island. an easy target to plan towards, first of all going for the government quarters, the prime minister's office and using that as a foil to cross to the island as a policeman and really just pick-off a gathering of young people. this was a meticulously planned operation. >> diana magnay, thanks so much. we'll turn to some other stories making news across the country including in aurora,
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colorado. balloon boy? remember him. the balloon at the center of that hoax has now gone on display. take a look. a store owner bought it at auction for about $2,500. that's not quite the million dollars that balloon boy's dad had expected. you'll remember that story all a hoax, everybody was following this balloon across the country, essentially when it turns out the little boy wasn't even in it. turn to california where a television crew happened to see this. look that. did you see that, folks. a man being dragged down the street by this vehicle. this is in stockton. they are going about 35 miles per hour. the man is okay. police did not file any charges. not sure what was happening there. in florida people living near a massive sinkhole are worried about their homes. the hole caved in last month and portions already of one business
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have fallen into that sinkhole. let's turn back to this debt ceiling debate. it's been dominating the talk in washington for weeks, for months. more talk in a few hours. did we really think we would get this close to the deadline? just over a week to go before this country cannot pay all of its bills. now it seems the sides have been doing talking about each other than to each other lately. >> it is hard to understand why speaker boehner would walk away from this kind of a deal and frankly if you look at the commentary out there there are a lot of republicans that are puzzled as to why it couldn't get done. in fact, there are a lot of republican voters out there who are puzzled as to why it couldn't get done. >> all right. so, this is the crew that will thereabout in just a few hours, the house speaker, john boehner, majority leader in the senate
8:19 am
harry reid, republican leader in the senate, mitch mcconnell and nancy pelosi will all be there. the president and boehner went after each other last night. if you didn't hear we got a bit of that for you. take a listen to this. >> up until sometime early today when i couldn't get a phone call returned, my expectation was that speaker boehner was going to be willing to go to his caucus and ask them to do the tough thing but the right thing. i think it has proven difficult for speaker boehner to do that. i've been left at the altar a couple of time. >> dealing with the white house is like dealing with a bowl of jello. i won't get into the partisan sniping we heard earlier. but there was every effort in
8:20 am
the the world avoid the real cuts we need to make to preserve the fiscal integrity of our country. >> let's bring in our friend. our democratic strategist and republican strategist. friend of our show. guys good to see you as always. we have to start with what we saw yesterday. let me go to you first here. we have seen people walk away from these talks. it seems like every other day since they have been going on. did yesterday seem a little different and a tone was a little different and yesterday might be some kind of a game changer in this whole debate? >> it seems like a game changer. these are two guys that went golfing together several weeks ago. it seems as if though now there's some sense of betrayal on both sides and maybe the best thing would be for boehner and reid to get together, see if they can get the rest of the way down the line.
8:21 am
hopefully what we'll find out today they are not that far away, maybe the frustration is high but the amount of space between a deal being done and being close to being done is not as far away as it seems right now. that's what we're waiting for. >> this is being portrayed as boehner walking out and now he's cutting the president or wants to cut the president out and say i'll deal with congressional leaders. is that maybe what should have been done in the first place? >> what should have been done in the first place is for speaker boehner understand what could get through his caucus and exert some leadership there. you talked in the beginning about people walking away from the negotiations several times. those people have always been republican leaders. democrats have stood at the table strong. they have offered up even their own most sacred of cows to put on the table. republicans have been the ones this whole time in these
8:22 am
negotiations to be the ones to walk away four or five times from these negotiations. the speaker did not return the president's call for several hours. who does that? that's not exerting leadership. that's basically putting politics first. i hope lenny is right that speaker boehner is not that far apart and that he really wants to do this. i think in his heart he does but what he realized yesterday he was not going to get this through his caucus and the tea partiers pulled him back. >> is that fair to say he should show leadership. he should be a leader and get everybody on board. the speaker can't make some of these republicans and there's a lot of new once serving their first term in congress making a lot of promises. should we expect this guy to get everybody lined up. >> we should expect everybody get everybody on both sides of the table. if you look at president obama, there's politics even involved in yesterday's press conference.
8:23 am
he's sitting there saying he's not talking about republican congressional leaders can't get it done, he said specifically republican voters can't understand. who is he appealing to. he's appealing to folks in 2012. everybody is playing a political game right now even the president. that's why him coming into these talks late in the game and being partisan initially. if he was a leader earlier in the process we wouldn't be so late in the game right now. >> maria, i never thought we would be to this point. we still have a little over a week. but everybody is going to take a hit if we get to august 2nd. nobody is going to come out looking good. nobody is going to come out saying it was their fault. it will look bad on everybody. who now is left that could step up? it seems like there are hard feelings now. now it's personal. so with that who is the leader
8:24 am
who will step up? >> well, hopefully it's going to be president obama and i hope speaker boehner, and the republican leadership joins him. it's the only way, really, that this is going to get done, t.j., because to your point and the president has been very clear on this, both sides have been to blame here. but, i think there are two things that republicans, republican leadership really need to take a hard look at. you know, lenny talked about the politics in this. of course there's politics in this. it's washington. it's a political city. but at the same time if you look at the polls, the majority of americans believe that whatever debt negotiation comes out of washington has got to include both spending cuts as well as new revenues. they understand as well as obama and the democrats that it's the only way to get this done in a fair and balanced way, in a way that is asking for shared sacrifice that does not protect the wealthy and the corporations at the expense of seniors, middle class families and small
8:25 am
businesses and the second thing is that if this does go down, t.j., and i hope that it doesn't, the republicans will get the majority of the blame because americans understand that obama and the democrats have put everything on the table, have not walked away once, and it's republicans who were being recalcitrant on this. >> i know lenny disagrees. i can give you 15 seconds. we'll come back later. >> 15 second, the bottom line is the republicans had 800 billion on the table. it's that last 400 billion that came out of nowhere that made speaker borne walk away. when you go these gotcha moments you'll get this frustration from the republicans and feel as though the democrats are not as serious as they are claim took. >> lenny, you're going to have plenty more time to speak seen will umarry a. we brought you guys in early. interesting day on capitol hill last night and today as well. meeting coming up in 2 1/2 hours
8:26 am
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hour now. reynolds wolf here, and when is it over? when is this heat wave that's been lingering a good week now? >> exactly. some places even longer. you're talk being oklahoma city they had many days of 100 degree heat. we'll see the beginning of the end late tomorrow afternoon. that's when the changes are coming. that doesn't mean it's all over. still dealing with heat. it is summer. sfobsd hot this time the year. but combination of high heat and high humidity that makes everything miserable. we have a heat dome. if you're cooking outside and have a grill and you have a big lid on it. the lid increases the heat inside. when you have say a big dome of
8:30 am
high pressure, same effect. not much in terms of rainfall. still some popup showers and heat driven storms. in terms of having fronts come through to change the temperatures that doesn't happen too often. we expect that to happen for much of the east. for today highs 100 degrees in new york, 103 in washington, d.c., 98 in boston, 92 in memphis, 93 in atlanta, 101 in dallas. big changes will come when that area of high pressure begins to break down and moves a bit more to the southeast. in fact this is what it looks like. big heat dome. area of high pressure. as it makes its way further south over the next several days it will allow fronts to move into parts of new england. when that happens you'll see places in washington, d.c. 103 cooling down into the 90s especially monday, tuesday and wednesday. but, t.j., i'll tell you when you have conditions like this, heat this extreme it makes people be -- it spurs the creativity so to speak in terms of trying to beat the heat and
8:31 am
many people are trying to do just that. >> here we go. yes. columbus, ohio, a little bit surprised by that? they are too. no one expected that kind of heat. amazing how a wrench in columbus can go along way. southbound lane of u.s. 23 closed earlier when parts of the road buckled. we'll shift our focus back to new york. record heat has been insane. people have been warn to stay out of the water on four separate beaches not because of the heat but what's in the water itself. raw sewage spilled out a waste water treatment plant and into the hudson river. cooling centers have opened up so people can catch a cool breeze and a break from the heat. we've been talking about issues with people. be sure to not forget your animals. check out this ireport from
8:32 am
canada. this is king joseph, a quarter horse to make the most of this sprinkler. if you're curious what's around the horse's head, it's mesh that keeps flies off the horse's eyes. pretty excellent. right place right time. >> why aren't the other horses over there? >> just let the dude hang out on his own. if you're smart enough of a horse to get in front of the sprinkler he has a few other things on the other horses. stay away or someone will get kicked. >> thanks so much. well, 32 minutes the hour. it was an interesting day in washington, d.c. last night. going to be another interesting day because another interesting meeting is taking place in 2 1/2 hours at the white house. the president called congressional leaders back to the white house for an emergency meeting trying to come up with a deal on this debt ceiling. but what if they don't come up
8:33 am
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35 minutes the hour on this cnn saturday morning. we're a couple of hours away from an emergency meeting at the white house. president obama called congressional leaders back to the white house. said republicans need to come and explain how they are going to keep the country out of default without a debt ceiling deal. talks broke down earlier this week when speaker boehner walked out of the meetings and last night things certainly got interesting. president and the house speaker, john boehner, calling each other out on the debt ceiling. listen to this back and forth. >> that's what the american people are looking for is some compromise. >> they refused to get serious about cutting spending and making the tough choices that are facing our country on entitlement reform. so that's the bottom line. >> the only bottom line that i have is that we have to extend this debt ceiling through the
8:37 am
next election. into 2013. >> i just want to tell you what i said several weeks ago. dealing with the white house is like dealing with a bowl of jello. >> it's hard to understand why speaker boehner would walk away from this kind of a deal. >> when you get into these negotiations, sometimes it's good to back away from the tree and take a look at the forest. >> i think that one of the questions that the republican party will have to ask itself is, can they say yes to anything? >> i think we can work together here on capitol hill to forge an agreement. i'm hopeful that the president will work with us on that agreement. >> so, here's what we're going to do. we have now run out of time. i told speaker boehner, i told democratic leader nancy pelosi, i told harry reid and i told mitch mcconnell i want them here at 11:00 tomorrow. we have run out of time and they
8:38 am
are going to have to explain to me how it is that we're is going to avoid default. now we will replay, a lot last night. we will replay those news conference from the president and speaker boehner coming up at 10:00 eastern time. what happens? what happens if there's no deal. a lot of people are asking what if. our lisa sylvester breaks it down for you. >> reporter: if the debt ceiling is not raised it could have a catastrophic effect on main street. the treasury department lays out a frightening scenario as we near the beginning of august interest rates could increase if investors start to get spooked and it appears that the u.s. may not meet its financial obligations. if congress continues not to act social security and medicare checks could be stopped or delayed. services could be cut off to
8:39 am
military families and unemployment benefits halted. the cost of borrowing for everything from a house to college tuition could rise steeply. one economist at the liberal economic policy institute says the gop is playing chicken with a freight train. >> they are behaving like children. they are not getting their way so they refuse to act. it's incredibly irresponsible and better dome their senses well before august 2nd. >> reporter: the doomsday scenario has many average folks worried. >> terrified, to be honest. >> we'll lose our credit rating so i guess next time when we need to borrow nobody will give us the money to borrow. >> reporter: republicans are holding the line arguing the $14 trillion u.s. debt is a drag on the economy hindering job growth. they are demanding billions of dollars in spending cuts before signing off on raising the nation's debt ceiling by another $2.4 trillion. there are americans agree that the binge spending needs to
8:40 am
stop. >> we need to stop spending. >> we should start paying off and figuring out ways to pay off the debt we already have and then figure out, you know, how can we spend like this money properly so we don't have to keep raising the ceiling. >> reporter: the u.s. government's debt ceiling has been raised over the decades. 74 times since 1962. lisa sylvester, cnn washington. >> and our brianna keeler has been with us all morning. we'll talk to her in a few minutes. what can we expect of what's taking place at the white house. did you know the name wendy before this week? a lot of people are. after they saw what she did to protect her husband. she has become practically a household name now. coming up we'll explain more
8:41 am
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go to
8:44 am
of the hour. this is a story that everybody was talking about this week, wendy deng. i'll ask you about her. if you've not seen this video, we're talking about the wife of rupert murdoch, having the hearing in front of parliament. somebody tried to throw a pie in his face. look and listen to how she reacted. >> that's her in the pink jacket.
8:45 am
she leapt over. it wasn't a pie as such, it was a symbolic pie. it was a paper plate with some foam. the idea behind a pie. >> there she is, folks. you see the arm go back and she just lets him have one. everybody talked about this. it stirred a lot of debate. she's sticking up for her man. >> it's her james bond moment. she's the heroine. he had hoped to pummel the pompous and huyou ha humi lie - humiliate the powerful. >> someone took this moment and animated it. >> i have to see this. >> hopefully we're about to -- >> hear them yelling in the background. you let us know when you have it
8:46 am
ready. >> because you must see it. wendy deng has a checkered past. she was first married to jake cherry an american she met when she was just a young student in china. she was good friends with jake cherry and his wife. here's the video. >> when murdoch's wife wendy deng pounced to the defense of her husband. johnny marbles. people are curious. >> people having some fun with this. she became almost a cult hero. >> exactly. she's going to be offered a movie role next. >> continue what you were saying. >> when she was a young woman in china she was studying medicine and meets an american couple jake cherry and his wife. becomes friends with them. moves back to america with them. and then has an affair with mr. cherry, who she marries.
8:47 am
that's her first husband stealing. rupert murdoch was married to anna murdoch for 32 years. the first she heard that her husband was having an affair with wendy deng was when he asked her for a divorce. so she must be quite a formidable woman and certainly knows what she wants. she has two little girls, two young children. so she's insured of getting the murdoch millions. >> again probably important to know that first marriage didn't last long, she just stayed married long enough to get her immigration status here in the country. >> a woman you don't want to throw a pie in the face of. >> we appreciate you as always. more to come on that story i'm sure in the days and weeks ahead. coming up, nfl owners have signed it, sealed, not quite delivered. why do we still have a hold upif
8:48 am
the owners have signed off on an agreement? i'll be talking to one player, one of the player reps will be here in studio with me in a moment. i'll hand him a pen and see if he's ready to sign that agreement. that's next. what do we have? all four of us, together? 24. he's low fat, too, and has 5 grams of sugars. i'll believe it when i--- [ both ] oooooh... what's shakin'? [ female announcer ] as you get older, protein is an important part of staying active and strong. new ensure high protein... fifty percent of your daily value of protein. low fat and five grams of sugars. see? he's a good egg. [ major nutrition ] new ensure high protein. ensure! nutrition in charge!
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announcer: cook foods to the right temperature using a food thermometer. 3,000 americans will die from food poisoning this year. check your steps at we're about ten minutes from the top of the hour on this cnn saturday morning. the nfl lockout we thought was about to be over because you see on thursday the owners approved a deal and then we were told all we had to wait for the players
8:51 am
to approve it and we got football. but not so fast. take a listen to this, first of all. >> at the end of the day, you do get roughed up. and i don't mean that physically but you do get roughed up and that's what the negotiation is about. we didn't get where i might have dreamed we could get to on some of these things but what i do know we did do some things to help grow this league. >> it allows for stability of the sport. this allows us to worry about football for the next ten years, how to grow the sport, how to make it safer, how to make it more fun. >> all right. so that deal in place at least. the owners signed off. all of them. they voted unanimously. now we're awaiting on the players to sign it. what's the hold up? let me talk to one player. one player rep from the atlanta falcons. good to see you. tell me first of all, are you
8:52 am
ready to sign it? >> not quite yet. >> why not? >> ready to get this season started not just for us but for the fans as well. but this is a big deal. this is something that we need to make sure we're okay with because this is a ten year commitment not only for us but players that will come after us who may still be in college now. we need to make sure all points of the deal are correct before we sign. >> have you been able to get a look at the deal yourself just yet? >> no. not yet. >> that's part of the problem. >> it's the problem. the owners allowed it to be thought by the general public a vote would be made on thursday and get this thing settled on thursday and it just wasn't the case. we hadn't seen the proposal they had ratified. the last we saw a proposal was when we had our meeting in d.c. and there were still issues that remained opened. some things that needed to be ironed out. we went back and sent it back to
8:53 am
the owners. we were to collectively bargain to iron out those issues and they knew we hadn't seen the final proposal that they ratify sod how could we vote if we didn't know was acceptable. >> some of the words used by your fellow players out there, sending out these tweets, some got a lot of attention. we were duped, we were hood winked by the owners and the league. do you feel that way that in some way they duped you guys and hood winkd on thursday by the mood they made. >> those are strong words. the owners are king businessmen. and there's a reason why they are successful. they have an agenda. they have a plan. sticking to it rightful lrightf. we need to make sure we go through and make all the, you
8:54 am
know, review of the proposal necessary to make it acceptable to us as well. >> you said you wouldn't use those strong words. a lot of guys reacted emotionally. was it a dishonest play? was it disinagainous? >> it was a play of leverage. who can strong arm the other body of negotiators? and for them to be able to, you know, say they ratified the proposal and mow the ball is in our court made it took like it was up to the players to go ahead and get this thing started and end the lockout when really we didn't start the lockout. we wanted the lockout to be lifted for sometime. we wanted to go to work. we could have been collective bargaining while we were training. >> last thing here, how important is it to you to win in
8:55 am
the court of public opinion? football is going the happen at some point. how important is it when you do get back to football that the fans actually side with the players in this whole thing and say it's too bad for those guys versus man i got to go to this game i can't believe these guys put me through all this. how important is it? >> very important. we love your fan. it's what makes our game special and unique in this country and one of which we're most proud we have a body of fans that rally behind us. at the same time it's not about winning them over. the truth wins out at the end. even if it doesn't it's known. players feel we're doing the right thing, taking the time to do what's right for a group of workers of what's right for us and guys of our future. i believe injustice and fairness will win. >> coy wire, a linebacker for the atlanta falcons. look forward to seeing you on field. what do you think, the debt
8:56 am
talk, get the debt ceiling worked out in washington first or your guys get a deal? >> hope so. football is pertinent and significant issue, but there's bigger matters at hand. >> we'll see which happens first. debt deal or these guys end the lockout. we are watching d.c. because we're two hours away from that all-important meeting, emergency meeting is being called after speaker boehner walked away from debt talks yesterday. the president said you get back over here today and that's happening in just a couple of hours. trying to keep the u.s. from defaulting on some of its loans. stay with us for that. also today, still developing and breaking story of that tragic attack in norway. a couple of attacks. authorities believe one person is responsible for both. we'll give the very latest there. stay with us on this cnn saturday morning. in one daily d. new citracal slow release...
8:57 am
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9:00 am
we are at the top of the hour on this cnn saturday morning. i'm t.j. homes. we're a couple hours away from another big meeting at the white house. this has been already a heated disagreement over the looming deadline over the nation's debt. it might be getting hotter if you believe it could. last night president obama and house speaker john boehner essentially went at it in separate news conferences, calling each other out. almost getting to the point of calling each other names. here's where we are. we passed the debt limit in may. the country already hit the limit on the debt. but the treasury secretary has been moving money around to pay the nation's bills.
9:01 am
he says he can't do that after august 2nd. some bills will have to go unpaid. democrats as a part of this debt ceiling deal they want dodd away with some tax cuts and loopholes as part of the larger deficit plan. republicans said no. that's tax increases. we're not going to go along with that. they say spending cuts are the only way to go. it would seem in all the weeks of negotiations that maybe we were close to a deal this week. but then yesterday happened. >> essentially what we had offered speaker boehner was over a trillion dollars in cuts to discretionary spending, both domestic and defense. we then offered additional $650 billion in cuts to entitlement programs. medicare, medicaid, social security. >> it's not in the best interest of our country to raise taxes during this difficult economy
9:02 am
and it's not in the best interest of our country to ignore the serious spending challenges that we face. >> so, this is the meeting taking place in just a couple of hours period white house. the president meeting again with speaker boehner. he walked away from talks but was called right back today by the president. he says he'll show up. senate majority leader, senate minority leader and democratic leader in the house, nancy pelosi all expected to be there. let me go to the white house right now. brianna keilar is there for us. is there any reason to believe that this is just another, you know, just another twist and turn in these negotiations? not the first time we saw somebody walk away from talks. >> i would say this was the most dramatic day we've seen yet. we spoke earlier about it. you said you felt something was different. that was a dra hattic development. the clock is ticking so much closer. there was hope is that the house
9:03 am
speaker and president could come to some kind of an agreement. you can gauge it how frustrated president obama was yesterday. that was a level of frustration we haven't seen before following this collapse. republicans saying that the white house had moved the goal post, that they, republicans had agreed to about $800 billion in a way to raise revenue and then the white house came back and said we want 400 billion more dollars and that was something that the republicans just couldn't do. then for their part you heard president obama, t.j. say, can republicans accept anything? you know we're giving up so much in terms of entitlement reform and they are not giving their share. that's really where it was left yesterday. president obama saying, testimony, that he's calling these congressional leaders here to explain to him how they are going to increase the debt ceiling and we're several days off from that august 2nd deadline. >> one more thing. it is just a detail from yesterday, maybe not the most
9:04 am
important point but it might be telling. the president said that the speaker would not return his phone calls. you deal with congressmen and women all the time. when the president calls you, don't you call them back? give us some perspective on that. because we heard that tidbit and we go what in the world. >> reporter: under these circumstances when the president calls to you the white house during these debt talks you go. democrat or republican. you can sense things getting personal when president obama said he thought that they were moving forward until he placed a call and didn't receive anything back from speaker boehner. well we also know, though, as they were working towards an agreement there's a certain level of, certainly house speaker boehner needed to go back and kind of see where his conference was, if it was something that republicans could go along with, but one of the details that rankled the white
9:05 am
house, t.j., is that before they received a call from boehner explaining that he was leaving the talks, democratic officials say he was talking to reporters and that was something that came out and the white house was very upset about that. >> brianna keilar, these guys were just playing golf a couple of weeks ago. we'll talk to you again. great having you this morning. to our viewers you've been hearing bits and pieces of the news conference last night. we'll let you hear them in their entirety coming up at the top of the hour. a lot of you were out on your friday night and you may have missed it. it's worth hearing. president obama who was visibly upset in his press conference as well as house speaker in their own words from their press conferences last night. i want to turn what is still a breaking story out of norway and now the foreign minister in norway is saying this may have been politically motivated. he's talking about two acts of violence that killed more than
9:06 am
90 people. the prime minister said he personally knew several of the victims. norway's royal family is meeting with victims' families. the first attack hit the capital of oslo. several people were killed. 90 injured there. police have a man in custody. his name is anders behring breivik. you're seeing him there. he carried out the oslo bombing. then went to an island about 20 miles away dressed as a police officer and that is where they say he opened fire on a youth camp. at least 84 people killed on that island. some tried to swim away. the gunman even shot them in the water. our diana magnay has been on this story for us. this is a fast-moving story. give me the very latest because this story don't change minute by minute. >> reporter: well the prime minister has just been meeting with crisis center hotel just a
9:07 am
few minutes up the road from the meeting with families, very emotional scenes going on there. gave a press conference saying that he believed this crime was politically motivated. of course if we look at the attacks targeting the government corridor in central oslo and then the youth camp of the labor party movement, and we've spoken also to some of the people who survived that attack, as you say, some of them hiding behind anything they could or running desperately to swim in the water, being shot in the water, let's listen to one of those camping on the island had to say. >> translator: we will take good care of each other. we'll make sure everyone get professionals to talk to and follow up on everyone. we'll not be threatened to silent. we will continue to fight for what we believe in. this is the best way to honor the memory of those we lost and we'll remain politically
9:08 am
conscious and engaged. we will go back to yutoya. >> reporter: norway will not let any kind of violence change the way that the social fabric here functions, the openness of norwegian society will not be destroyed despite this horrific attack. >> diana magnay we appreciate you. we'll continue to check in with her. eight minutes the hour. coming up. it's hot. it's summer. it has been brutally hot and dangerous for a lot of people. trying to beat the heat but a lot of people not able to escape. reynolds wolf is here with us this morning. we'll check in with him on what continues to be a heat wave. also this morning -- hundreds of people won the lottery in new york. you're looking at two lottery winners right there. but we're not talking about the money lottery, we're talking
9:09 am
about the same sex marriage lottery. yes. you got weddings taking place in new york tomorrow, a historic day. we'll talk to these two about being a part of that history. [ lopez ] beautiful skin needs protection. introducing venus proskin with moisture rich shave gel bars
9:10 am
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ten minutes the hour. big day in new york. big day for hundreds of people who have been living as married couples but tomorrow they get to make it official. freddy and marco, they won the lottery. the lottery for the first day of legalized same sex marriage in new york. what this means is that they get to skip the 24 hour waiting period that's normally required after couples get marriage licenses and they can go ahead and get married on-the-spot. they will exchange vows tomorrow. gentlemen, appreciate you both being here and i'll let either one of you answer this question
9:12 am
as long as you have been together did you ever think you would get to this day, this day before your wedding day. >> yes today is the day before our wedding day. for many years we've been thinking about dhoing. we've been waiting for new york to pass that law. we wanted to get married in our state, in our city of queens. tomorrow is the big day. >> tell me. why do it immediately? do you want to be a part of history in your concerned there could be some court challenges down the road? why not just wait and do a big ceremony and plan it all out? >> well, again, just because we did have the idea of getting married already in our heads, we couldn't think of a better time than to do it at the most historical moment for new york and possibly the world. >> now tell us, how long have you two been together? >> we've been together about five years. >> been together five years almost.
9:13 am
so, i guess what is going to be different when you wake up on monday morning, the first day, your first full day as a married couple, what is going to be different for you that day? >> i don't know that anything will be like necessarily different because we've been living together as a married couple for a while now. but it's more about something that we've dreamed about, we pushed so hard for it, we told our friends on facebook and told them to call their congressman. we pushed for it. we rallied for it. it's a dream come true. that's the difference. >> your at all concerned at all? it's a big, big day four all and many other same sex couples. but it's also a big day for people who are opponents of same sex marriage. we know that there are some protests that are planned for tomorrow. but are you concerned at all about that element taking away from the day inof course people have their beliefs and they have a right to them.
9:14 am
your concerned your happy day could also be a hugely controversial day and some of that controversy gets a lot of attention as well? >> i believe it's always going to -- there's always going some controversy behind same sex marriage, but, you know, everyone has their own opinions, their own views and, you know, we respect that as we expect people to respect our beliefs as well. and our ways of being. but really that's not anything that we really -- that at least i'm too concerned about. everyone has a right to say something. >> you alltel us as well, the last lottery. they knew a lot of people would want to get married immediately. courthouses wouldn't be able to handle it. you decided to put your name in the hat to get married on this date. i guess how surprised were you that you found out you actually won that lottery and get to get married on day one? >> we were elated. >> definitely. i remember getting home and i checked my e-mail and i had an
9:15 am
e-mail from the county clerk's office. freddy was still in the shower and i just ran in there and i said we got it, we're in the lottery we're getting married on sunday. we started crying, laughing, celebrating. a good moment. >> last thing, gentlemen. tell me how this is going to go tomorrow? what are your plans? do you have suits picked out? do you have family that will thereabout? just tell me about your particular ceremony. >> well, we're keeping it very intimate, and just going to be us and four witnesses. actually until this is airing right now nobody else knew we were getting married tomorrow. just my sister and his best friends. we have an outfit picked out. we're elated. >> gentlemen, congratulations. i'm sure we'll check in with you again. but, really, it has been a lot of controversy and still continues in this country that debate but tomorrow for you it was a special day and
9:16 am
congratulations and absolutely you all enjoy it. thanks for taking the time and sharing your story with us this morning. >> thanks for having us, t.j.. >> thank you. new york has become now the sixth state and largest state to legalize marriages. tomorrow is the first day that couples can actually get married. same sex couples can get married in connecticut, iowa, new hampshire and vermont. good teachers looking for new jobs. are they able to make end meet? this is a serious problem going on in the education system right now and it's a shame. we're taking a closer look at 16 minutes the hour.
9:17 am
9:18 am
17 minutes the hour. now we turn to some education overtime. cnn series on the state of education in this country. today we're talking about teacher turnover. our natasha curry meets one award-winning teacher who can't afford to stay in the classroom. >> i've been teaching for 13 years. my first year of teaching i got an award called rookie teacher the year. later on i got teacher the year again. i got 100% pass rate in cal can you laws. >> reporter: by all accounts linda is a high performing teacher we all want our children to have. >> this was a book in my first year of teaching the students made. >> reporter: on a salary of $38,000 a year which after taxes
9:19 am
leaves her with about 2400 a moshe says she can no longer stretch her paycheck to cover expenses. >> when you take out rent, utilities, car payment, there's nothing left. it's demoralizing to you. you wonder why you put all this energy into it and yes the kids appreciate you and the kids love you for it. but, if at the end of the day i still have to pay my bills. >> reporter: after five years without a raise linda has decided to call it quits. she's going back to school to become a nurse and will earn on average about $62,000 a year, 24,000 more than what she makes now. >> how hard was it to make that decision to leave? >> it's heartbreaking. i thought i could do this. i'm sorry. >> reporter: some educators blame stagnating wages for the
9:20 am
high turnover rate. >> when you look at high achieving countries their turnover rates are 3% or lower. so they work very, very hard to not only attract teachers that are -- that they suspect will be successful, but they work incredibly hard to train them and then do whatever it takes to retain them and we don't do that. >> i'm not saying i may not find an amazing teacher to replace me who also motivates the kids, who also inspires the kids, who also loves the kids, but what if they don't. who pays the price? it's those hundred kids that walk in that door every year that over the course of all these years have told me that i changed their life. >> all right. coming up, your chance to hang out with captain america or whatever avenger you can find. does this scene look familiar? it should. the annual comic-con convention
9:21 am
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9:24 am
. 24 minutes the hour. happening right now in san diego, california, the annual comic-con convention. you should know about this by now. more than 130,000 people show up to this thing. they are there to exchange news and gossip on everything from movies to comic, cnn entertainment producer is there for me. button that up for me if i didn't give a good enough description. what is comic-con and just how big is it? >> reporter: well, t.j., you did
9:25 am
a very good job with that description. comic-con is the world's largest comic book and genre of entertainment. and every year something rises to the surface of that white hot ticket. this year i can safely say that is the game of thrones. it's turned into an hbo show. everybody here want ad ticket. 1,000 people outside of the cnn express line up for financial. we were lucky enough to have one of the stars of that series on the cnn express and at 6'5" he proved cnn express can hand allot. he told me a lot about his excitement of being a part of this series. >> i've never read a book where i became so invested. i read it and hooked. i got kids. i locked myself in the room. honey i have to read this for
9:26 am
the audition but i was blown away. >> reporter: he's so excited about game of thrones. all the fan boys love it because of dragons and princess and knights. a lot of fan girls loyalist. one thing i noticed there are just as many, not just as many but about four out of ten people i see are females. a lot of people are saying it's the year of the female nerd here at comic-con so, of course, we had to invite a couple of the iconic nerds on to cnn express. everybody here seems to love them. they came on and gave us a little feedback what they think is going on with the female nerd. listen to this. >> it's sort of a backlash towards the super attractive girls who are gamers and that sort of thing, almost constantly challenging the fact that they are nerds or geeks, no way that that's a possibility. i don't know if it's a generational thing or if it's
9:27 am
just you're always going to want to hate beautiful girls for something. >> it's kind of the third wave of feminism. i can look however i want. i can present myself however i want. you still have to right, right to challenge me about my intellect or my interest. i thought was so funny because i would never think that would be the image of a nerd girl. i feel like an old hag next to her. i'm a true nerd girl. look at me. >> reporter: those nerd girls are getting more and more beautiful. we'll be talking to a lot more people today. keep tuned in here. we'll be at san diego at the convention center all day. can't be more excited. >> that bus sees a lot. presidential candidates and if he neal nerds. you love the express bus. thanks so much. if you want to follow all of cnn's coverage of comic-con,'snext is where you
9:28 am
can find it. we'll be right back. north america's natural gas producers are committed to safely and responsibly providing decades of cleaner burning energy for our country, drilling thousands of feet below fresh water sources within self contained well systems and using state of the art monitoring technologies, rigorous practices help ensure our operations are safe and clean for our communities and the environment we are america's natural gas. but i did. they said i couldn't fight above my weight class. but i did. they said i couldn't get elected to congress. but i did. ♪ sometimes when we touch ha ha! millions of hits! [ male announcer ] flick, stack, and move between active apps seamlessly. only on the new hp touchpad with webos.
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